Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Princess #2 is 9!!

Whew.  Sometimes the passage
of time hits you all at once.
The birthday girl with her Palomino cake!

Here are a few little things you should know about
my sweet Princess #2.
She (is a/an):

*fast and furious bicyclist.

*reader of anime.

*fabulous seamstress.



*songwriting wonder.

*aspiring singer.

*has yet to meet a stranger. {grin}

*lover of animals . . . especially horses.

*aspiring equestrienne.

*daughter of the risen KING!

*fun-loving and always fun-seeking!

God knew when He blessed us with Princess #2
that our castle was lacking in the adventure
seeking dept., the spontaneity dept., the
extroverted dept., and the flair dept.

So. . .

Nine years ago, 
in a big, ol' hurry,
Princess #2 was born
with the loudest cry I have ever
heard a newborn make.

And she has been making herself heard
ever since.  Our castle would
be awfully boring without her
to liven up the joint!
We love our free-spirited little miss very much.


Kelli said...

she looks so grown up! :) I love the cake, the color turned out awesome!!!

Jordan said...

This totally made me tear up!!! I love love love that girl sooo much :)

Mama J said...

Adorable cake!