Monday, August 08, 2011

A Knit A Week

So by now, dear readers, most
of you know (or have figured out) that
I have the teeniest, tiniest obsession
with knitting.
I know, hard to believe. {grin}

But I also have a deep, deep love
for the written word.
I love to find fabulous, fun
books to read to my kids.
And I love to read, well, just about
anything for my own personal enjoyment.

I also love to give gifts. Handmade ones in particular.
Especially ones that I've knit with a specific
person in mind.

For the following "Knit A Week" post, 
prepare to be astounded, dear ones for
I've combined all three loves!

Meet the Princess.

See all those mattresses.  And her wee pillow.

Will she be able to sleep??
Hope so.

But will it be comfortable sleep is the question!

 The Details:

Pattern:  Princess and the Pea by Susan B. Anderson
from her Itty Bitty Toys book.  Love this book!!

Yarn:  Every last bit was from scraps!  Fabulous 
stash-busting project.

Verdict:  I'm enchanted.  And not just because it
was based on a fairy tale!  I included a copy 
of the story along with the princess for 
my niece to enjoy listening to, while
she plays with her princess set.


Sarahendipity said...

This is my favorite! {sigh} You did a stupendous job, sweet friend! ☺

Castle Diaries said...

Thanks! It's gonna be hard to "top" this project! :) . . . but I'll try. ;)