Monday, August 15, 2011

Wonder No Longer

Now I'm sure you've wondered dear readers,
how does the Queen make meals
that all the Royals will eat?
I'm sure you've thought to yourself, she doesn't seem to post 
much about cooking,
yet her kids are getting bigger and
seem to be healthy, hmmm. 
Or, her recipes must go through rigorous testing and
approval before she tries them out on her family.

Well, wonder no longer my friends.
I do have *a* stringent quality control measure in place.
His name is Clyde.

First Clyde cautiously does a sniff test.

Then, takes an aerial overview. 

Finally, the all important taste test.
If Clyde approves, then I know I have a crowd pleaser! {grin}

Just having a little fun with you all this fine Monday morning.
Best Wishes for a fine, mid-August week, dear readers.

1 comment:

Sarahendipity said...

Awww. Clyde is a cutie. Who knew that he was so talented?!? I think our house needs one. ;)