Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Knit A Week

So, did I mention that I attended Sock Summit 2011?
I didn't?
Well, I did.
And, it was, in a word: amazing.
To be surrounded by knitters from all walks of life, 
who were wearing the most fabulous hand knits I have ever seen,
to not get any funny looks or feel as if you
might be the tiniest bit rude by pulling out your knitting
whenever you get the chance,
to have the sensory experience to see, touch, and
talk with the creators of incredible sock yarns and patterns was
I want to go back.

I got the chance to meet Jill Draper.
She's the gal I buy most of my sock yarn from,
as you faithful readers know.
Just meeting her, was worth making the trip.
To give her a hug and squish her yarn in person,
the icing on the cake that was Sock Summit!

I took some classes.
I met the Yarn Harlot.
I bought some yarn.
I met the Yarn Harlot.
I bought some patterns.
I met the Yarn Harlot.

I finished these socks while there.
Stood in line forever waiting for the chance
for the Yarn Harlot to "hold" my sock
as she so willingly does, rock star knitter that she is..
And realized that I forgot to take my camera [*&%@]
to document such a momentous occasion.

Anyway, as you may have guessed I am thoroughly 
enamored with creating hand knit socks.
Sock Summit, just convinced me that this
obsession is right and true!

The Details:
Pattern:  Socks For Euni a freebie from Liz Abinante

Yarn:  Socks that Rock Lightweight by Blue Moon Fiber Arts
in a mystery color Mill End.

Verdict:  These babies just flew off the needles.  I love it when 
that happens.  Fab pattern and fab yarn!  One more
Christmas gift off the list!!

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