Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Goes Around

The entire month of March, give or take a couple of days, some member of the Royal family has been sick.  So, so much fun.  And it wasn't just one illness that hit each one of us, it was the combo.  Fever, throwing up, coughing, sneezing, 20,000 boxes of tissue runny noses, sometimes even a double dip (Princess #2 and I both got sick twice) like I said, fun.

School crept along at a snail's pace depending on who was sick, I should mention that we have a couple of Oscar contenders in the dramatic category when they get sick.

Poots training, believe it or not, has continued to go splendidly.  Of course, the Prince being dehydrated, probably helped our cause while he was sick.

Knitting was done it bits and snatches.  I purchased huge balls of colorful acrylic for the older Princesses and they have been going to town.  Princess #1 is making a garter stitch blanket with her ball and Princess #2 is making herself a poncho.  It's been fun to watch their confidence take off as they attempt "real" patterns.

However, I am hearing lots of these kind of phrases now:

"In a minute Mom, I'm in the middle of a row."

"But Mom, I really need to get five more rounds done before I stop."

"I really, really feel like I need to knit."

"Can we take a knitting break?"

And for the record, they came up with the last two phrases on their own, I promise.

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