Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poots Update

I hesitate to mention how potty training is going here at the Castle.  It is going so well, that I am typing this post with one hand, while knocking on a piece of wood with the other! {grin} This is because in my experience, as a mama, the minute you say things like, "Oh yah? Well, my little Susie has been sleeping through the night for weeks now!", then that very same night, little Susie will be up fifty bazillion times.  It's true.  Kids love nothing better than to prove their parents wrong.  From this opinion, I cannot be swayed.

So, where was I?  Oh yah, the Prince is doing awesome.  Even went so far as to stay dry during our errand running this morning, even though he told us the entire.way.home. that he needed to "poots".  We're at the point where he is wearing his big boy unders all day, except for sleeping and is doing pretty darn well at telling us that he needs to go.  Secretly, the King and I are still waiting for the other shoe to drop as far as his training goes.  We're keeping our hopes on the down-low that this first run is a success.

All this being said, to show you this little gem of a product! I think these would be very handy in toddler size!  I could have a box in every room and the car!!

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