Friday, March 11, 2011

A Knit A Week

Have you ever wondered what a "thrum" is?
Me either.
That is, until I had the chance to make some
thrummed mittens--then I was all ears.
A thrum is basically a piece of roving which 
is unspun wool.  In my case, the very pretty pile 
of fuzz you see below.
You have to separate the roving into
 little wisps, which
you then knit together with your working yarn.
Each thrum makes one stitch.  You leave the ends
of the thrum hanging inside the mitten for an
extra layer of warmth.

This is the inside view of the mitten.  All that fluffy goodness
just waiting to warm up your hands!

I wish you could see these babies in person, in order
to truly appreciate just how squishy they really are.

This particular thrummed mitten kit came from
the amazing Jill Draper.  She dyed both the yarn
and the roving I used, as well as provided the pattern.
Thrumming is rather addicting.  I have enough roving
left over that I will most likely be making more of 
these chubby mittens!!


Sarahendipity said...

It totally looks like your mittens have sprinkles, I LOVE IT! ☺ They are soo adorable.

Castle Diaries said...

That's a good description! The girls' think they look like little hearts. :)