Monday, March 07, 2011

On Poots and Beds

So, I don't know about you, dear readers, but potty training is one of my least favorite duties as Mama.  It is probably second, only, to being consistent. {grin}  And it has begun here at the castle for the last (please God) time.  I'm not ready to start, but the Prince seems to think he is. And if there is one piece of advice this tired Mama can give you, it's this, if your child is telling you that they have a wet diaper, then start potty training if you haven't already.  It has been that little gem of knowledge that I have been studiously ignoring these past couple weeks, and decided that today I needed to "man-up" and get serious before that window closes.

Our Prince calls every down-low bodily function, "poots".  It's cute.  It gets this Mama rushing.  Today we spent entirely on the wood floors waiting for poots.  Princess #1 helped me set up the potty chair, the paper towels, the sanitizing wipes, the extra socks, big boy unders, and other garments necessary to make this first day go smoothly.  I prefer the $60 method of potty training.  It involves a lot of toddler nudity, a lot of paper towels, a lot of laundry and one good carpet cleaning when everything is said and done, but no pull-ups.  But it seems to be more effective, and dare, I say, quicker (again, please God).

The Prince did well, hit the target several times, the floor a few more than that.  I think we were averaging about a 1:4 ratio this morning!  That's pretty good for a first day out.  Especially when your first day out, followed your first night in a BIG BOY BED (that is the Prince shouting).  Yep, we put away the crib for the last (and again, please God) time.  So far, he is staying put, which is always my biggest thing.  I put you in bed, not as a possible option to spend your time, but as your place of residence until I'm ready to see you again! {grin}  However, around midnight he was crying, I rushed in there to find him under the bed, in his own words, "scared", but he went right back to sleep, so it's all good.

I've said it before, and am sure to say it again, but is it just me, or does this boy have the warp drive on???

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Bird said...

I'm jealous of: your hardwood floors that make it possible for the prince to go commando, his motivation (I greatly dread and thus greatly wish to be done with potty training), his ability to discern bodily functions below the navel. I hope it goes fast and smooth for you!
I put S in big boy underwear yesterday b/c his diapers were giving him a leg rash--I have no idea how. He didn't even recognize that he went potty until I almost stepped in it (thankfully it was on the tile floor). Sigh. No potty training in our foreseeable future.