Thursday, September 30, 2010

H is for Haircut

Being a parent to a kid that is a little bit more, means lots of thinking in advance. Being a parent to a kid that is a little bit more means lots of strategic planning and staging. Being a parent to a kid that is a little bit more means less spontaneity. Being a parent to a kid that is a little bit more means that the simplest, normal-est, routine things you used to take for granted are no longer simple, normal, or routine. Like for instance, a haircut.

Our homeschool co-op starts up tomorrow and all three girls will be attending "regular" classes. As in, Princess #3, won't be in the pre-school class, she'll be in the 5-6 year old class-es. And yes, I'm freaking out. And yes, I'm praying like mad. And yes, I've been doing lots of strategic planning, like trying to convince Princess #3 that she should get her haircut, so she doesn't have to have her hair in a ponytail for cooking class. {Ponytails became banned in her world several years ago.}

I tried to get her in with Miss Stephanie, the gal that usually cuts the girls' hair, but she was booked solid. When I told Princess #3, she replied with, "then I'm not getting my hair cut." And I let it drop. Then a friend mentioned "Monkey Dooz", a salon that only cuts kids hair. I mentioned it to Princess #3 and was turned down again. So again I let it drop, but I kept on talking about how cute her hair would look up in a ponytail and how no one in her class wanted to eat her hair in the food they made in class, etc. You know, laying groundwork for Friday morning when somehow her hair was going to be scraped back into a tail. Then out of the clear blue sky yesterday she tells me that she wants to get her haircut at Monkey Dooz. I lunged for the phone and made the call. And thanks to some divine intervention they were able to get her in today at the right time!!!!

She was so brave. They washed her hair and blew it dry. {For our spirited kid, touches to the head are the most unwelcome.} And her new cut is adorable. I am so proud of her willingness to try a new place, trust a new stylist, and get a new haircut.

H is also for hope. I got some today.


Kelli said...

YAY! I was so hoping you'd have a picture on here. It looks so cute! I can't wait to tell her in person :)

seeZworld said...

Oh, she looks adorable! :)