Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Book A Week

. . . brought to you by the Prince!

The other day the Prince came over to me wearing his rain boots, which he had put on by himself. He was so proud of his accomplishment so the girls and I lavishly praised him! Then I noticed that he had put them on the wrong feet. My heart melted. Babies with shoes on the wrong feet {that they put on themselves} just don't get any cuter in my opinion. So out came the camera. And then Princess #2 piped up that he reminded her of Alfie.

I had her run up and get our big Alfie book, which is really a collection of Alfie stories and we read "Alfie's Feet" to commemorate the Prince's accomplishment.

The Alfie books as we fondly call them are by Shirley Hughes, our local library has most of them. They are little stories about Alfie who is probably 5 and his toddler sister Annie Rose {whom Princess #1 named her cat after when she was 3}. They mostly center around little bits of real life from a child's perspective, and since they are set in England, have fun little nuances and phrases, like my personal favorite, "snick the lock". The artwork is fabulous and the stories are sweet and gentle.

In "Alfie's Feet", Alfie gets new rain boots so he can splash and stomp in the puddles, but after he gets them home and on, they feel funny. Hmmm, anyway Mom and Dad help him solve his problem and he's back in the splashing business again. So fun and so relate-able for preschool age kids.

I think ages 2 and up would sit and listen to these. We just started reading them to the Prince and he can sit for the Queen's special condensed version.

Find them and enjoy them with your sweets! Happy reading!

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