Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun at the Coast

Beautiful Arcadia Beach
The three amigas

The Ocean Girls
Ocean Boy munchin' a yummy bite of sand.
The King coaching Princess #3 on her first time wave jumping.

We took a family vacation this past week. Our first in probably 5 years. Yep, last one was when Princess #3 was itty bitty. We stayed at an amazing little house that was perfect for our family and just a short hop to a multitude of beaches.

The Prince wasn't quite so sure about the whole ocean thing and that wet sand that sucked his little toadies down, was definitely not for him at first crack. However, by the end of the week, he embraced his new title to the fullest: Ocean Boy!! Even though he was literally shaking with chills from the cold water, he screamed his little head off whenever it was time to leave the water.

Princess #3 wasn't so sure either. Especially when her first trip to the beach she managed to soak herself head to toe by stepping in a sink hole! But she managed to try again and ended up loving every bit of her first "real" trip to the ocean (last time she was snuggled in the sling). She even discovered a whole sand dollar--she was so excited that it wasn't a quarter or a half-dollar!!

Princess #2 and Princess #1 were old pros and had a great time playing in the waves!! In fact, a little too much fun--they were freaking me out with their fearlessness!! They loved exploring the rocks for agates, Princess #1 found 2, and scouring the beach for other treasures!

In all, it was a great time away. We needed a fun trip!! And now with fall activities gearing up or looming in the near future it was perfect timing.

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Kelli said...

I'm so glad you had fun! And, mostly, that #3 had fun! What a blessing for everyone, and what sweet memories, too :)