Monday, August 23, 2010


I've thought a lot lately about posting more details about what we've been going through these past few years in regards to Princess #3, but I never have been able to. It's too raw. It's too now. It's too . . . much. I've alluded to issues that she struggles with, but have never felt right about saying much, simply because I had no answers or any hope of finding answers.

However, when I was going through our vacation photos this one jumped out at me. She is wearing a swimsuit. She is happy. She is wearing a swimsuit and she's happy. Amazing. A year ago, this would have never happened. This is the first summer in a long time that she has voluntarily donned a suit and had fun while wearing it. And that is progress my friends.

At this point, reading this, you might be thinking big deal. And you would be right. It is.

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Jordan said...

She is beautiful. And you are a wonderful mama. :)