Friday, March 05, 2010

True Dat

I love my children's wisdom. It is practical, logical, and it's depth always catches me by surprise.

A case in point from this week:

Princess #3: Sleeping Beauty wasn't very smart.

Queen: What makes you say that?

Princess #3: Because she married Prince Phillip!

Queen: You don't think she should have married him?

Princess #3: NO WAY!! All she knew about him was that his kisses wake you up! You need to be best friends first Mama, then get married!!

Queen: Preach it sistah!!


stuart said...

I love this comment. I wish I had recorded my daughter's comments on a blog - I can't remember them any more!

I will pass this onto my wife, who's just written a novel about what happens when Sleeping Beauty wakes up (called Waking Beauty) in which the Prince is a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Makes this warning even more relevant!

Castle Diaries said...

Is your wife's novel being published? If so what is the title-it sounds interesting!