Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gratuitous Knitting Post

Project: Itty Bitty Baby Cardigan
Pattern from Itty Bitty Nursery
For: Baby Girl Haase
Yarn: Cotton Stria from Manos Del Uruguay
Verdict: Adorable. Flower and vine make the cardy. :)

Project: Lucy Bag
Pattern by: Two Old Bags
For: Me
Yarn: Noro Kureyon-4 skeins (my b-day gift from my parents)
Verdict: Mindless knitting with totally wonderful end result= a keeper!

Project: Felicity
For: Me (modeled by Princess #1)
Yarn: "Old Sweater" by Jill Draper
Verdict: Lovely, slouchy style=virtually no hat-head
Gorgeous, soft, angora-merino blend hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn sets this simple pattern off! And finally some of Jill's yummy yarn for me!


Chelle said...

OMG...where do I put my order in?...for the hat...the super cute bag...heck even a grown up version of that sweater :-)

Jordan said...

I am totally in for the grown-up version of that sweater!!! I was just wishing I was baby girl Haase...