Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Something New, Something Sweet

About a week ago during the bedtime ritual, our sweet boy grabbed my face in between his little hands and planted one on me. A big, open-mouthed, wet baby smooch! It was so unexpected and so sweet that I laughed and gave him one back, which prompted him to reciprocate and so on.

It's always so fun when babies decide to give some love back in such demonstrative ways. Makes this mama's heart get all smooshy and a bit bigger, which is good because the Prince has been cutting his second lower tooth. Did I mention that the Prince teething=ugly for all those involved??

Well today he has decided to try out some new ways to give some lovin' to his tired mama. While I was holding him on my lap facing out, he leaned back, rolled his head so he could look me straight on, grabbed my hair and pulled my head down for a wet one. So suprising. So sweet.

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Bird said...

Hope he cuts that second one quick! Sounds like he's getting so big, such a personality!