Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh to be a Fairy

I am a firm believer in using the "Big Man" as my back-up as a parent. If I use Him as an ally and use His words to correct and train my kids, then I feel that I am using the right motives and words to help get at the heart of the issue at hand. My girls hate it (as did I as a child and as an adult), which to my mind reaffirms that the direction I'm coming from is right.

Anyway, one thing that we tell the girls quite often is that they truly are princesses. They are children of the only King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Usually they love being told this, but sometimes that is a lot to live up to (and don't I know it!!). So after getting in trouble for not controlling her tongue the 50 bizillionth time, Princess #2 had this to say: "I'm done being a princess. Being a princess is so hard. Why can't I be a fairy instead?"

Why indeed . . .

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