Friday, January 09, 2009

You're Eight+ Months Pregnant When. . .

. . . you realize that your belly and bumps have merged into one entity.

. . . you go bump holder shopping and select one off the rack that you always dreamed of buying off of in junior high.

. . . every time you drop something, you think of a response that should not be heard by royal ears (and if none are around to hear, may just utter aloud).

. . . you don't realize you are huffing and puffing anymore, til someone points it out.

. . . you plan your shopping around public restroom availability.

. . . you have to stand sideways at the counter in order to comfortably reach what you're trying to do.

. . . you have to wear an apron at all times in the kitchen, since you can't see what you may have spilled, splattered, or otherwise on your shirt.

. . . lace up shoes are no longer an option, unless you can talk your 6 year old into practicing her bow-tying.

. . . buckle up shoes are no longer an option, unless you can talk your 3 year old into practicing her buckling.

. . . you lack the energy to knit at your normally scheduled knitting time.

. . . you can't figure out why that guy/gal/child is staring so intently at your belly, until you realize that they can see the baby squirming around under your shirt.

. . . the borrowed maternity top that you swore you'd never fit into, sadly fits.


The Momma Chronicles said...

You also know you're 8+ months pregnant when, upon trying to locate you, your family need only follow the trail of things you've accidentally dropped on the floor and left there throughout the day.

Like I said, I don't know how you feel, but you LOOK fabulous. Glowing, beautifully pregnant and fabulous.

Ilse said...

I shouldn't have read your post right now! I'm not looking forward to the next few months! Give me a call when (if?) you have a bit of time and/or energy. Oh wait--that may not happen till next year! =)

Jordan said...

You DO look totally beautiful! It was so wonderful to see you lucky am I!!! I remember being 8+ months pregnant and toasting my belly on the natural gas burner because I was too big to stand that close to the stove! Good thing I was too tired to cook anyway ;-) hang in there--you're doing GREAT!