Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sister Love

I am the oldest of four girls. I love my sisters. I know my sisters. My sister next in line and I used to fight over the sheets/blankets when we had to share a bed. Eventually we'd fall asleep under bedding that you could bounce a quarter on, since each of us had pulled the bedding and tucked it under ourselves as tight as possible, to prevent the other from hogging! My second sister had the reputation for being a restless sleeper and hence a kicker. And my youngest sister was accused of sharpening her toenails with a nail file so that she wouldn't have to share a bed.

Last night, I got a charge out of the fact that my girls know their sisters. We were getting everything ready for a sleepover. It was Princess #1's turn to hostess, so we were getting a couple of extra beds set up for her sisters in her room. As the air mattress was being blown up, Princess #1 says, "Can Princess #3 please sleep on the air mattress, instead of Princess #2? I was just remembering hearing #2 move around so much in the night that I couldn't sleep at the KOA's this summer."

There the knowing begins. I love it!


Linnea said...

I sharpened my nails so that I could annoy #2 by dragging the offending nail along the inside of the sheet, and gross her out. :)

Ilse said...

I thought you annoyed #2 by brushing your teeth with a dry toothbrush, Linnea! I'm glad to know that I was such a nice sister that you don't have *any* bad memories of me! :)