Friday, January 16, 2009

Yep, You're Right

It's official, I've reached the point in pregnancy where it is easier to agree with whatever the kind stranger has to say about your baby, size, etc.

For instance, when the kind lady at Orange Julius assumes you must be due in a matter of hours, you just say, "yep, you're right."

Or the cashier at the local store (whom you've never EVER seen before pregnant or otherwise), tells you that your baby has dropped, you just say, "yep, you're right."

And finally, when the nice older man in the parking lot lets you know that the baby looks like it's about to drop out, you just say, "yep, you're right."

It's so much easier to be agreeable, don't you agree?

You know your correct response, right???

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LaughterThoughts said...

yep, you're right. :):):)