Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks Friends!!

Today has been a day of blessing. Already. It's only shortly after 11 am here, but wow! First of all, when the king called to say that he wouldn't be able to home to watch the girls for my doctor's appointment, my first reaction was stark fear. Three kids, tiny waiting room, even tinier exam room, possible trek to have another u/s, almost dinner time, etc. Then I called my lifeline and she said she could watch them, no problem. Even though after listening to the events of her day, I'm questioning her sanity, she agreed and her generosity totally blessed me!

Then as I am cajoling the hyped up princess' to complete school, another girlfriend stopped by (I knew she was going to, but totally forgot, so it was like bonus surprise!) to bring me two batches of taco meat and two batches of spaghetti sauce to throw in my freezer for quick meals. How sweet is that?? What an encouragement.

I hope each of you has girlfriends in your life. The good ones. The ones who are willing to watch your kids at a moments notice or bring you yummy dinners just because or take time for a phone call or email or the ones who tell you every time you see them that you look like a million bucks or the ones that listen to your vents judgement free. I am so fortunate to have go-to girlfriends that I know love me bumps (a little pregnancy humor), prickles and all, and that I deeply love in return.

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