Saturday, January 24, 2009

For Auntie 'Chelle

Today I had a wonderful baby shower. Wonderful that I got to spend time with friends and feel (and truth be told, feed-off) their excitement over this new one! Wonderful that this little guy will be the best dressed, diapered, lotioned, you name it baby in the world. Thanks gals, your kindness and friendship overwhelm me!!!

Anyway, one of baby's gifts was a little soft football. The king was explaining to the older two princess' how you hold it and where to put your fingers, etc. Then they tossed it around a bit. Enter Princess #3. . .

"What is that?" she says. Once explained wants to know, "Why?" Once explained, walks away without a backwards glance.

At least there is one toy that she will let be all his, seeing how she immediately claimed his big dump truck as Nanny walked in with it, proclaiming, "He already has one (a tiny little one, totally different from the new one I might add), he doesn't need two."

I don't think she'd get the irony of her statement, even if I counted out her multitude of barbies!

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Chelle said...

She'll come around...there's nothing like a sister who likes football!