Friday, January 02, 2009

Baby *BOY* Sweaters!!

I'm out of boy yarn. For now. I was just sure that I would run out of time to get all I had yarn for knitted before his arrival, but now I'm sitting pretty. I'm even making Princess #3's Duck Soup that she's been waiting so patiently for! I just need to finish up the last few inches of his blanket, so that will be next. Anyway, here are some photos of his new duds. It's been so fun to feel him "talking" to me as I've knit these up!

A blue Duck Soup (size 3 months)

A brown, nubby pullover sweater (size 12 months)

Get Ziggy (size 18 months)


The Momma Chronicles said...

Dude. You rock.

Jordan said...

Wow. You are just amazing! Such talent, such talent.

Sarahendipity said...
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Sarahendipity said...

These are soo beautiful or should I say handsome? ;) It was so nice to see you today!