Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Year Over

2008 is drawing to a close. Can't say as I'm terribly broken up about it, seeing as most of my focus for 2008 has been making it through January 2009 (for an obvious reason). However, the end of the year does make me take stock and evaluate changes I want to see happen for the New Year to come. I don't make resolutions per se, I just like to give thought to the positives and negatives of the old year, so I don't repeat mistakes (I hate it when I am a repeat offender!!).

And I don't make goals, because inevitably a goal list becomes a "kick me while I'm down list", as I tend to make impossible, lofty goals to live up to, like a clean house. What's the point of putting into writing a goal, that will most likely never be achieved in my lifetime without substantial outside help (note to King: Merry Maids is always looking for new clients, maybe I could help them reach one of their goals for 2009!!).

So as this year ends, I think that I will settle for some vague general thoughts for the coming year:
-Happy, healthy children. [Note: I will settle for just healthy!]

-Happy, healthy Mama. [Note: I will settle for just happy! A girl's gotta have her]

-Continuation of our morning devotions, renewal of our prayer time before school starts.

-Children who want to make my faith theirs.

-Children who have an unlimited view of the possibilities that the future holds for them and feel free to pursue them.

Happy New Year Dear Friends! May it be one filled with immeasurable blessing for each of you and your families!!

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happy new year!