Monday, December 08, 2008

Snappity Snap

So Princess #1 has been diligently trying for the past year to conquer two important life skills: snapping her fingers and whistling. It recently really chapped her hide to find out that Mrs. H's little guy could whistle with ease, and she has yet to get a single tweet, you know since she is all worldly and wise and he is only 5.

However, all weekend, we've been hearing her little fingers trying to snap and by George, she's got it. And now has a new (annoying) habit to share with us while she's reading, walking, doing schoolwork, watching a movie, riding in the car, and I'm pretty sure she's figured out a way to do it while practicing the violin.

I will say this in her defense, it does make it easy for mama to figure out where she's holed up when it's chore time! Don't tell.


Jordan said...

Ah man. I really feel for her. I STILL can't whistle and I've been trying my whole life. Sigh. I guess the two of us will just have to sit in the corner and snap :)

The Momma Chronicles said...

He can whistle, but he can't aim in the bathroom. ;-)

I'd like to see Jordan and #1 do a snappy little snapping demonstration on Friday.