Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dreaming of Nesting

I've never done this before, that is, dream of nesting. I've always just done it, without much rational thought. For example, with Princess #1, I obsessively cleaned all the baseboards in the house so when she started crawling they wouldn't be dusty, and since she crawled immediately after birth it was a good thing I did!;) Then with Princess #2, instead of readying the baby gear (which would have been a good call due to her early arrival), I obsessively picked ALL the apricots off our trees in a burst of crazy energy and then lacked the energy to deal with all the fruit! Thank goodness for a mom who knows how to put up fruit and seems to enjoy the task. And with Princess #3, for some reason the oven had to be spotless, and since the "self-clean" mode really meant "clean it yourself", I did so with a lot of elbow grease since oven cleaner is so nasty. Of course, lots of other "nesting" went on, but it all seemed to have rhyme and reason.

Now this time around, the past few nights I have been dreaming that I am cleaning out the pantry. In fact, it killed me yesterday to not be able to touch it and then today we had MOPS, so it's gone untouched again!

So tomorrow, dear pantry, you will be mine, and maybe these weird dreams will end-or else point out some other random thing that needs settling.

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