Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happiness Is. . .

. . . a snow day! It's snowing here. Really snowing. Like Midwest winters long (happily, for my part) forgotten snowing. And it's been snowing since last night. Church was cancelled and we have been enjoying the day all cozy, snug and buttoned in. Makes me really glad that I finished all my errand running before all this, since there are probably 3 snow plows total for our county, of which 2 are operational (that was a joke, kinda). And it makes me glad that I have knitting projects to work on with no place to go--the best kind of snow day! We have made a batch of peanut brittle, popped popcorn for carmel corn, and have even played a round of "Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly".

It sure feels like Christmas now!

1 comment:

seeZworld said...

Aaaahhh, we are kindred spirits. I say let it snow until we are snowed in. ;)