Monday, October 13, 2008


Today is overwhelming. Not because of anything specific, it just is. A good house cleaning is way overdue, school to be taught, laundry to be washed, dried, folded and put away, meals to prepare, children to ferry to activities, Bible study to be hosted, and no energy to want to deal with any of the above. So I sit here and compound the problem and the feeling of knowing that I'm wasting precious time blogging about it! How ironic!

However, as I think about it, things have been accomplished today despite me. I actually remembered to call the sprinkler guy to have him winterize the irrigation system, and to call to reschedule Princess #2's picture session and I am switching loads of laundry (maybe not folding or putting away just yet), but it is getting washed and dried. School was taught and hopefully absorbed. Two meals down, one to go.

I should do this more often, I'm feeling much better about the day's outlook. I think I will rally the troops and have them do some vacuuming before rest-time. Thanks for listening!


Chelle said...

Yeah...overwhelmed stinks...but blogging about it does help! It helps me realize that my feelings of overwhelm-dom really aren't that significant...I talk it out...with myself...and the great beyond of blog-ville:-)

Anonymous said...

That's exactly how my Monday was if that gives you any consolation! :)


LaughterThoughts said...

How often have I done that!! I feel totally overwhelmed and don't even no where to begin, and instead of buckling down and getting with it, I distract myself on the computer.

Hmm. In fact, I'm doing that right now.