Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I hate shots. I freak out at the sight of needles. I can't watch when they draw blood, put in an IV, any of that stuff. Epidurals are out, they involve a needle right-IN YOUR SPINE? Not doing it-I don't care how bad the pain is! But when it comes to my kids I can't and solemnly refuse to let my fear be adopted by them. So I put on the brave front and shrug it off for them, hoping that they don't notice I'm not watching the nurses and that my knees are knocking. That intro brings us to today.

The older two have been due for their annual well-childs for over a month now and I finally remembered to make the appointment. I knew that both were due for the 2nd round of Hep A, but wanted clarification about the chicken pox booster since I'd been hearing conflicting things and since there has been a tiny outbreak at church. So now they are up to two shots a piece and they are a bit nervous, but I tell it's no biggie, we'll go out for ice cream (which next to chocolate, makes everything better). Thankfully our doc's office has the nurses tag team so it isn't one shot after another and each girl does great.

As we're headed down the hall for the stairs, I realize that I have to go to the bathroom. again. But God used the stop for good, because as a result, #3 (of course) had to try it out first and I took a look at the girls' arms in the meantime, and noticed that #1 had a huge hive under where the band-aid was. I took off the band-aid thinking that the nurse misplaced the band-aid and was going to move it, so none of us (read: mama) had to look at the injection site. It wasn't the injection site. Then she began to feel dizzy and got real pale. So I quickly got out the "propaganda" from the CDC and read that she had almost all the symptoms of a moderate to severe allergic reaction and that we should immediately see a doctor. Thankfully we were 5 steps from the office, so we piled back in, the nurse saw us and the doctor too. After about 20 minutes, some Tylenol, a shot of benadryl, cold compress, and some m&m's we were back in business. And I'm happy to report she is back to herself, for better or worse as the case may be.


Linnea said...

I think M&Ms must be a miracle candy--recovery from reactions, ripping seams, arguments with Mom over ripping said seams, and who knows what else? :)

LaughterThoughts said...

Wow- thank goodness the solution was so easy! And you were there and not at home... or at Baskin Robbins!

And good for you for reading your shot sheet! I have put so many of those straight to the recycle pile.