Monday, September 29, 2008


This may end up being a series of posts, who knows?! But as I'm sure my friend Laughter Thoughts can attest, the more kids you have, the more at liberty people (friends/family/complete strangers) feel to ask you personal questions or make assumptions. Thankfully for the most part, my personality is such that I get a big ol' laugh at most or can at least see the humor in the situation later. So here is my attempt at answering some of those burning questions!

Q: Congratulations!! (then using a slightly hushed, more dramatic tone): Was this a planned thing?

A: Aren't all babies planned on some level? Seriously, this has been our most prayed for, agonized over, PLANNED pregnancy. With #1, I did all the lobbying and then God softened my husband's heart and there she was. With #2, it was a done deal, Lord willing, we weren't having an only child. With #3, I really wanted another one, husband was skeptical, and then there she was! With #4, back in February my husband asked me to pray with him about our family size and then in May we decided that we would step out in faith and see what happened. And there you go.

Q: Where on earth are you going to put this one? You'll probably have to add on to the house, right?

A: Funny how it works, but sharing a room with your sibling(s) doesn't kill you, I know totally weird, huh? I am living proof, as are my sisters, as are my girls. It's also funny how you don't know you are a boy or girl until about age 2 or 3 and even then, it's because someone told you that you were. So I think we'll be just fine with our three bedroom home.

Q: But what if it's a boy? (said again with the slightly hushed, dramatic tone)

A: Have you met my family? Would you like to see our track record with conceiving boys? Oh you have, then why the concern. Really, what better way for a boy to learn to treat women the right way than to be surrounded by sisters? Wouldn't he be spoiled rotten, you bet, but then we tend to spoil all our babies rotten!

Q: You're going to have to get a bigger car.

A: To quote my husband, "They don't come much bigger than this one."

Q: You should know by now how that happens. (pointing to my belly)

A: To quote Laughter Thoughts: "Why do you think we keep having them?"


LaughterThoughts said...

And then to really shut 'em up, add on the "I know! It's really just surprising that we don't have even MORE kids by now!"

And when they ask you if you want a boy or a girl and pressure you for an answer even after you say you don't care, tell them you're really hoping for a pony this time.

Congrats again! Bunco Deb didn't even realize! She just clued in yesterday morning. Needless to say, you're no help- you look GREAT!

Jordan said...

Oh my I just love it!!!! Do people REALLY say this stuff??? Who ARE these people????? They obviously don't realize that all babies are blessings and MIRACLES!!! At least we get a laugh out of it, no?

Linnea said...

Wow, I didn't know that having 4 was such a big deal...or something. I guess we were abnormal growing up in such a LARGE family.