Monday, July 21, 2008

Home Sweet Bathroom

We are still (or maybe it's just me) that is recovering from our journey to the Midwest and back again, so I apologize for the lack of posting. Here's one quick one from the day we returned.

Once we all piled in through the door, the happy exclamations began from the older two: my toys! my kitty! my room! air conditioning! and so on. Princess #3 didn't have too much to say, just kind of wandered around. Then she heads into the bathroom to take care of some business, and we hear this shout of excitement: It's my same bathroom and my same potty and my same stool!! Oh thank you Mommy that I'm home!


LaughterThoughts said...

It's always nice to get back to your own bathroom, isn't it? All those public restrooms while traveling get old :)

EllieRichellie said...

Didn't happen to swing through St. Louis did you? . .You could have stopped to use MY bathroom, though princess #3 would probably still have preferred her own. Sending you a big hug!!