Monday, March 24, 2008

Birds and the Cows?

On our way to Papa's farm Easter morning, Princess #2 spotted an unusual sight! A cow was standing up on his hind-legs like Otis in Barnyard, but why oh why was it milking another cow?? Then she says : "Or maybe Mama he was tired of standing up and was just resting on the other cow."

We decided it was probably the latter. . . hmmmm.


Jordan said...

I remember a similar incident from my childhood, involving horses, on the way to a piano mom told us they were training for the circus :) How nice that she drew her own conclusion!!

Jordan Snyder

ps--I just looooove reading your blog :)

The Momma Chronicles said...

"Anybody ready for a snack?"

*grin grin*

LaughterThoughts said...

well, around here we say that they're "hugging." :-)

Linnea said...

Yeah,, no comment! :)