Monday, March 03, 2008

An Ah-Ha Moment

So tonight I had an "ah-ha" moment. You know, the moment when the stars align and everything makes sense again. Let me explain . . . I struggle with keeping my house clean and picked up. No sooner do the toys get picked up in order for me to vacuum or walk through without tripping, that they are dumped out again! It feels like I am always getting after the girls to clean up when you're done or could you please put that away. Well, no longer! I have discovered tonight that I should have been getting after Captain Marbles!

Princess #3 turned him in tonight. After reminding the littlest Princess to please leave toys in the family room tonight (we are hosting Bible study), she informed me that it wasn't her doing the dumping and dropping, but someone else was responsible. It was a relief to know that it was someone else--none other than Capt. Marbles. I knew that there was no way that three girls could make all the messes I continually find. . .

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