Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Princess #3 is 3!

My baby's three. THREE. three. And she loved having her birthday all to herself and reveled in "her" day! She tore through her presents not taking time to savor the gift, but instead savoring the delicious sounds of paper ripping and hearing that yes, she could indeed open all of them with no waiting her turn! Once she got through the business of opening, she turned back to see her loot which some of us were furiously "un-twisty-tying" trying to beat the crazy pace she was setting for us. And we lost her to the goodies for the rest of the afternoon.

It's been a ride this past year, especially the past six months with this little girl. But it's been good (in retrospect and great b.c. ifyouknowwhattamean) and it's been good to watch her come into her own a bit more and blossom into a little girl. She has quite the vocab and quite the memory. And quite the strong will at times. But the softest heart and servant's heart once that will has bent. She is the only one of the bunch who after throwing a humungous baby-fit, will then almost immediately afterwards ask for forgiveness. A skill I marvel at and need to cultivate in my own life. So anyway, my dear baby is three and I am looking forward to what this new year in her life brings.


Chelle said...

WOW...seeing that bunny cake reminds me of when we were kids! It's amazing what a birthday will do to make her change from looking like a sweet baby to looking like a sweet little girl!

LaughterThoughts said...

yay for princess #3! did the older princesses keep trying to help her open up the packages? my kiddos do that. even though i've assured them that the bday blessing is quite capable of doing it alone!

wow, is it even possible that she's already 3?! i lived here that long already? yikes. she was not quite out of your tummy when we moved. that's pretty crazy!