Monday, July 23, 2007

A new member HE he heh heh

A post by Princess #1. Enjoy.

A new member started Friday. There it sat very quiet very still with a pill bug
crawling on it. I picked it up brought into the house I told Mom the same story im telling you well not the same Story Now im going to tell you where I
found it RIGHT IN THE GARDEN well of course it had to be in the garden it WAS A GIANT ZUCCHINI. Wow here is a picture of it. I have to go I coud do this all day BYE


LaughterThoughts said...
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LaughterThoughts said...

P#1, did you grow that zucchini? mmmmm! Yummy!

Did you roll the rolly-poley pill bug up into a ball and roll him off the zucchini?