Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kitchen Remodel Update

Progress has been made on the kitchen--despite the frustration of waiting for the countertop laminate to make it's way to our local Home Depot. Tim Allen aka my wonderful husband, got the micro-hood installed. It has real fan speeds like lo, that really is lo, medium, and high--it is wonderful and HUGE! I am going to enjoy having it. The new stove is in the garage awaiting it's spot. And thanks to my hubby and dad's hard work Friday, the last of the cabinets have been put in. We have another friend who has been helping out as well. Like for instance he'll offer to come over to help unload the stove, and stay to hang a cabinet. So wonderful.

Enjoy the pictures. I am so excited about how it looks. So much so, that my vision of what it will look like has eclipsed my frustration over not having a sink or d.w. Or maybe it's all the take-out pizza we've had here lately . . .

My beloved micro-hood. :)

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