Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Say A Prayer

Well, if you think of me today, say a prayer! For once we're all healthy, so it's not a health related crisis. Today is the day we are rotating beds, rooms, and all of that. So Princess #1 will have her own room, Princess #2 is headed for the top bunk, and Princess #3 is out of the crib and into the bottom bunk. AND I AM SCARED! Freaked out is more like it!!

We took a trip over the mountains this past weekend and got the loft bed for Princess #1 and Daddy set it up last night, the mattress will be delivered at 11:30-ish (she is really into saying "ish" for some reason) today, so we have no more excuses, save my sanity, which is obviously going to be shot.

I am hoping that the anticipation of camping out upstairs for bedtime and rest-time for the weeks to come is exaggerated and that all goes smoothly. But I think that for now I will settle on the darker side of things and be really happy when everything lightens up.

P.S. Did I mention that Princess #3 is moving out of the crib??? How did this happen??

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LaughterThoughts said...

B#1 has been asking when she'll get her own room. To which we just say "ha!" :) We're Brady Bunchin' it!!

Out of the crib... and time for the gate across the bedroom door to go up!;-)