Monday, April 23, 2007

Easter Photos

I know, I know, it's way past Easter, but hey, we spent the week after Easter dealing with pink eye and a double ear infection in Princess #3. However good news on the health front, we have reached our family deductible for health care (please don't ask how much, it's that depressing), so I am sure that from here on out everyone will be healthy. . . at least until the new calendar year starts up!

I managed to get all the dresses made up in time to flirt with the crazy notion that I might be able squeak in a dress for myself. Thankfully all I did was flirt!

Here are the princess' in all their Easter finery:


Linnea said...

Wow, Sarah. I'm glad that everyone is healthy (I typed that with my fingers crossed). The dresses are really cute, I especially liked the ribbon on the bottom of Grace's. We should talk soon, if you have time.

LaughterThoughts said...

you did great!:) my s-i-l bought #2 and #4 dresses for their birthdays, and i thought "those will be great easter dresses!!" but soon realized that i'd have one very aware, very sad girl if she was "left out"... so then went at the last minute to a very-well-picked-over-selection at target and got a dress for #1... so depleted that i got her a size 10, in fact. but she loved it, it looked cute and we'll get lots of easters out of it!:)