Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm Four, Three, TWO!!

The tiniest princess celebrated her 2nd birthday on Saturday! (Thankfully the current flu/cold bug that has made itself at home in our family waited to hit her until yesterday.) She had a great day-opening presents, helping to supervise the decorating her caterpillar cake, and eating her choice of dinner: octopus hotdogs, rainbow jello and applesauce! However (even after all the helpful coaching) when you ask her how old she is she always starts with four and then works her way down to two. It's really cute.

Moving on . . .

It has been a quite the week around here. The eldest princess is still coughing, but back at swim lessons (her ear infection cleared up). Then about a week ago Princess #2 woke up with a fever and cough and that started her illness and what we thought was a recovery--until last night when she was up several times literally screaming her head off. The first time I went in to her she told me her cheek hurt, so I suggested sleeping on the other side. Then when Daddy checks on her the next screaming bout she tells him it's her ear. When he reports that back to me all I can think is "Great, there goes another week." Sure enough, after a doctor's visit today she has her first ear infection, Princess #1's throat is irritated and inflamed from all the coughing (about a month's worth), so she is on an inhaler of sorts to try and help that problem. Thankfully for now (and no, I'm not holding my breath-it's pointless) , Princess #3 just has a mild fever and a garden variety cold.

My Dad had a good comment today though, he said something to the effect of, "it's a good thing you are no longer caring for Janelle." And it's true--that has been a huge blessing, to just be able to care for my own little ones and not have the added headache of one more child to deal with. Of course, I had had my own plans with how my time was going to be spent after we were done watching her and it did not entail wiping noses and being sympathetic to the poor little princess laying on the couch!

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Paul and Linnea said...

Your little princess' Uncle Paul also has "Swimmer's ear" although I would bet that their ears are not swollen shut, like his. It's going down now. I'm sorry to hear that they have all been so sick. Rilla's cake looked good, though!
I'll respond to the ABCs when I'm done with my small animal medicine midterm (or as a break from studying!).