Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sew Fun

Well today has been great! We didn't plan anything, don't have to go anywhere, and we're taking advantage of it! The girls have been outside most of the day, M has been out in the shop and I've been sewing.

I don't think that I have sewed this much since G was about the age R is now. It stopped being fun, so I stopped doing it--mostly because of the extra help, and of course a new baby doesn't make finding extra time very easy, and of course once you do find it, you use it for sleeping.

Today however, I finished a dress in bright purple with lime polka-dots for G, a ruffled skirt with froggy fabric for G, and a dress for A out of a pretty plaid flannel (that I cut out a long time ago--maybe two years ago) and it still fits!! Behold the power of making something yourself, you can fudge the seam allowances and make it fit! Now that I'm heady with success, I think I will cut out some bloomers for R and two of her little friends. And with all hope they will be done in time for the girls to get some wear out of them!

Here is a picture of the finished knitting project, R's dress. I finshed it a week or more ago. It has a cute (well I think it's cute), gingham ribbon around the empire waist.Thankfully it's on the big side, 'cause this kid will be wearing it non-stop once it fits a tiny bit better! :)


LaughterThoughts said...

oh i think sewing is so relaxing! (i enjoy it a lot, but i'm not a seamstress by any stretch!) but, like you, i don't pull out my machine often because it seems as soon as i get going, i've got 8 extra hands in there helping me out! i haven't done any clothing projects in a while (other than mendings) but several months ago i made pillows for my couch out of old ties (from my dad and from the thrift store)-- those pillows make me happy every time i look at them! i love them!

by the way, awesome job on that dress! it is darling!! and the other dresses sound really cute.:) you're inspiring me to get going on some sewing projects...

Princess Diaries said...

I was wondering if you made those pillows! I saw a project idea for those a while ago, and of course never tried it! Yours turned out adorable.