Sunday, September 10, 2006

Meme Theme: Three

I've been tagged by Laughter Thoughts, so here goes my quick three

Three nicknames— P.B.(a nickname from my hubby), mama, Sarah-Rabbit

Three people that make me laugh—my girlfriends (especially after a long day), my girls, Mr. Monk (a loveable TV character)

Three things that I love—knitting & finishing a knitting project, my princesses and their daddy

Three things I hate—unorganization, clutter (kind of goes with the first), second-hand smoke

Three things I don't understand—how my kids somehow sense when I've been up late the night before and are up extra early and behave extra cranky; why you would complain when your mom tries out new recipes, even when you complained about the old ones; why each toy or thing that the other sibling has is so much better/prettier/more exciting than the one you've happily been playing with all along!

Three things on my floor—two flopped dogs, towel, book bag

Three things I am doing right now—typing, wondering what all the thumping is when it's supposed to be quiet time, thinking how nice it would be to shop with an unlimited budget--just once!

Three things I can do—knit (just finished a dress for R), sew (just made G a dress), homeschool my girls

Three ways to describe my personality— responsible/conscientious, friendly/outgoing (MOPS has definitely stretched my comfort zone in this area and I'm all the better for it!), optomistic

Three favorite foods— Seafood fettuccine from Olive Garden, anything from Bamboo Garden, and I have a favorite chicken/dumpling recipe--come on cold weather!!

Three foods I do not like—falafil (we made some once . . .), spaghetti o's, canned vegetable beef soup

Three beverages I drink regularly—diet pepsi, milk, water

Three shows I watch—Gilmore Girls, House, M.D., Mr. Monk (all from Netflix), I have a really hard time watching "regular" TV now, I am spoiled w/dvd's --no commercials!

I will tag The Knot and the Knest next!


Paul and Linnea said...

Does this mean I have to respond to these questions too?
Oh, goody...

Princess Diaries said...

Absolutely, get going you housewife you!!