Monday, September 11, 2006


Well, not only does today mark the terrible anniversary of 9-11-01, but it also marks the anniversary of the day I first attended MOPS. This morning as I was getting ready to head to church to set-up for MOPS, I was hit with the realization that 9-11-01, was the first time I ever went to MOPS!

I remember debating if I should even go, would I even need to go, would there even be MOPS, after all these tragedies were happening right now! But I'm so glad that I followed God's prompting and went. That I swallowed my pride and came out of my shell a bit to meet some new people. I have been blessed by this ministry ever since! I met people that attended First Baptist, and I think those relationships encouraged my husband and I to end our church hunt and settle in there. Thru MOPS I have made dear friends, one especially stands out, as God gave her to me just when we needed eachother most, I think.

Anyway, feeling nostalgic and glad that I have a positive memory of 9-11-01, when there are so many other sad ones tied with this date.

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