Thursday, August 03, 2006

R's first "meme"

I saw this done on a few mommy blogs that I've stumbled upon and thought it was neat, so here is R's first meme, the other girls will follow soon.

3 Things that Scare Me:
-Being away from Mommy
-Loud sounds

3 People Who Make Me Laugh:
-My big sisters

3 Things I Love:
-Being "holdy" by Mommy
-My "bantin" (blankie)
-Playing in the pool, well any water will do

3 Things I Hate:
-Being apart from Mommy
-Being picked up when I haven't asked
-Sleeping all through the night (it's over-rated!)

3 Things I Don't Understand:
-Why I can't play in water all day
-Why Daddy goes to work (I'm much more fun)
-Why Mommy can't hold me all day long

3 Things on My Floor:
-My new sneaks
-My white noise machine

3 Things I'm Doing Right Now:
-Napping like a good girl
-Cuddling my "bantin"
-Thinking it's about time to get up

3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
-Play in the big pool with my sisters
-Go "wee" on the slide all by myself
-Sleep all through the night, just once though, to say I did it!

3 Things I Can Do:
-Go down steps upright (with just a little help)
-Wash dishes (best when sitting in the sink)
-Say a lot of words, my newest is "munch" when I want a snack

3 Ways to Describe My Personality:
-Lovable, I've got a smile that will knock your socks off!
-Curious, I love to see what people are doing.
-Stubborn, I know what I want and won't settle for substitutions!

3 Things I Cannot Do:
-Walk upstairs upright
-Get into Janelle's playpen, although I keep trying
-Play in the big pool by myself, Mommy says it's too deep.

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To:
-My "vroom vroom" sound that I use when I see a car
-My songs that I sing. I sing one that sounds like a lullaby.
-Buzzy purr, I love that sound!

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To:
-My sisters crying, it makes me cry.
-Janelle crying, it makes me mad.
-The words "bye bye", especially when Mommy says them.

3 Absolute Favorite Foods:
-"Nanas" (bananas), if you aren't fast enough I will eat the skin too!
-"Pop" (popcorn), I love to feed me a bite and then Mommy a bite.
-Spaghetti, I'm a pasta gal.

3 Things I'd Like to Learn:
-How to swim
-How to get onto the stools by myself
-How to put shoes on Barbies

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly:
-Mommy's milk
-Whole milk
-Juice (yes, Mommy I know it's watered down)

3 Shows I Watched As A Kid:
-Whatever little bit was left of my sisters' show, maybe Madeline or Clifford

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LaughterThoughts said...

fun! will enjoy seeing A and G's when you get to them. :-)