Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Here Comes the Bride

Since we have a house full of girls until 5 pm when Daddy comes home to rescue us, we usually end up doing girly things. Well today was no exception. After a power struggle over these (and I quote) "horrible, nasty dress-up shoes", I managed to make both G and myself content with the outcome. (The long story: Murray chewed up one of G's very special dress up shoes after L's wedding even though G had put them away. He snuck one out of the shoe bin. So M and I told her that we would buy replacements. The replacements were not exactly the same and so were deemed yucky and she's never gonna wear them, etc. However, when I went to return said shoes, she had 10,000 fits!! So that is why we needed the compromise today. Whew.) So back to the original story. . .

G and R both had on dress-up shoes, G had a matched set and R was content with just one. They were playing oh so happily in the family room while I was cutting out a skirt for G. Next thing I know I hear G tell R that she is going to be the bride and R can be the groom. G rushes up the stairs gets into her bride dress (aka Cinderella) and comes back to meet her groom. Well, the bride got frustrated with the groom's interest in the goldfish snacks over getting married and started to have a fit when inspiration struck me. I quickly hunted on the web and found a sampling of bridal music (namely Canon in D and Here Comes the Bride) for G to walk down the aisle to and meet her groom at the snack table! :) It worked! G and R both got into walking down the aisle to the music, R was even dancing it was so cute!

Now if only I could be so inspired each time a confrontation was about to rear it's ugly head, I would be all set.


LaughterThoughts said...

That's so funny! Yesterday, L was the princess and M was the servant, and L got sad because M, wearing her servant apron, went and got her hair all fancied up-- L was wanting the lace&flower headband and was saying, "But I'M the princess!" M informed her that she was a beautiful servant and she could wear it. I distracted L somehow, but I honestly can't remember what I did! (Which is unfortunate because that might've come in handy next time!)

Princess Diaries said...

My girls do the whole servant/princess thing too! And believe it or not we have had the same conversations about "pretty servants"!! If you think of what your distraction was let me know!