Thursday, June 15, 2006

Muree, see-see, and other new words

Miss R has discovered that she can say just about anything that crosses her mind to try! Today she kept saying muree and finally we figured out it was "Murray", so then the fun began for the older two. "R say": Jackson (jack), Ainsley (see-see), Grace (dace), Buzzy (Bussy), and so it went. She went on to try just about any word we threw her way. It was fun!

The older two have completed their first week of swim lessons and I am happy to report that they are doing swimmingly! Both are unafraid to put their faces in the water and jump in and go under. What a contrast to the last go-around. I actually think it helps A to see her younger sister being brave about trying new things. Seems to be helping her conquer her fears. Hopefully they'll be swimming before too much longer. Not that the weather has been that inspiring as of late to want to go swimming . . .

A has been cooking up Father's Day surprises for M. She is so cute about it. I think each day this week she has added some new part to her gift. G wants to buy clothes for daddy in a particular hue, which I can't figure out, but we'll go with it. Who knows maybe she's onto a new color that would look good on M!?

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LaughterThoughts said...

S calls T "boby".... it used to be "booby" though.