Saturday, June 17, 2006


As a relatively seasoned mom, I should know better than to leave my little ones unsupervised with writing utensils, but I have memory relapses occasionally like the one I had the other day.

I was fixing dinner, R was busy with a huge sheet of paper and a pencil, pen and crayons (her latest is sitting at the bar counter to do her work) when the doorbell rang. Not thinking about her, just wondering if Murray had escaped again, I answered the door. After talking to my neighbor about a lost dog (NOT mine--yay!), I went back into the kitchen. The second I darken the doorway, R is reaching out holding a pen. I take it, say thank you and then see her masterpiece. . . my recipe book!! And of course, it was in pen, not pencil! I suppose now I have a little piece of her toddler-hood preserved for all time.

This afternoon, M and the girls set up the pool (the BIG one) as the girls call it. A is so excited about it, that she has yet to take off her suit. G and R got cold and called it quits unwillingly. And now R has a new word: poo. Very cute. So I will have a new roosting spot next to or in the pool for the next few months. Not so sure if that's what I want, but the girls will love it!!

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