Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photo Shoot Out Takes

Getting just the right photo to show off
a knit is next to impossible for an amateur like me.
I suppose I could learn, but that would
take time away from knitting, and
we can't have that, can we? {grin}

So, as a result, I usually delete a bunch,
and keep a couple.
This time however, I kept them all.
My model was so entertaining.
And having so much fun, that 
when it came to it,
I just couldn't hit that red X.
I hope you enjoy my silly, sunny, funny little man.
{And his new sweater too!}

Queen:  Show mama your sleeves.
Prince:  I a big tiger!!

Queen:  Show mama your sleeves.
Prince:  I your cheeseburger!!

Queen:  Show mama your sleeves.
Prince:  I gonna show you one sleeve, mama, okay?
[Queen's side note: and apparently his tongue, too.]

Queen:  How about you lie down as still as a statue?
Prince:  Nope. I gonna lay like a big tiger!!

The Queen has an inspiration.
Queen:  Stand like you did for your preschool photo.
Prince:  Cheese!
The Queen really hopes his preschool photo
does not resemble the above.
It just doesn't get cheesier than this, my friends.

Queen:  Okay, last time, show mama your sleeves.
Prince:  Arrrrrrr!!
Queen collapses to the floor in a fit of
giggles and waves the white flag!!


Sarahendipity said...

Heehee. He is too cute. Lovely job on that lovely sweater, I mean tiger fur. ☺

Castle Diaries said...

Tiger fur! Ha! Love it!! :)