Monday, March 19, 2012

The One Where I Disappoint the Boy

Queen:  Do you want to come with me to the yarn shop?

The Prince:  Yes please, sure!

Queen:  Okay, it will be just a quick trip okay.  There and back.

The Prince:  I want to see the horses, sheep, cows and pigs.

Queen:  See what??

The Prince:  At the BARN store, Mama.  I want to see the animals.

Queen:  We aren't going the barn store, we're going to the YARN store, where mama gets knitting needles and new yarn.

The Prince:  (bursts into tears)  I no wanna go!!!!!!


Bird said...

Hilarious! I can see my communication with Silas breaking down like this. :) Did the TC get a new yarn shop?! And what happened to your knit-from-stash resolution?

Castle Diaries said...

Not a new one . . . just hadn't been in for a while. Still knitting from the stash as much as I can. Remember, sock yarn doesn't count as stash here! ;) The Prince picked out MadTosh sock yarn for a sweater, how could I say no to one with such impeccable taste in yarn!!