Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Knit A Week: Stashdown Edition

I have been knitting.
A lot.
Just not posting.
That pesky sun,
he hasn't been around much.
Winter decided to come to the Castle.
For about a week, maybe two.
That's enough for me and mine.
Just a taste of the white stuff.
Then a lovely chinook took it away.
The chinook's evil twin Mr. Nasty-Wind stayed.
He huffed and puffed and blew a bunch of shingles down.
Having to find someone to repair shingles 
takes away from knitting time, don't ya know?!

Here are my first two stashdowns for 2012.

A beautiful little shawl for Princess #2.
Ruffles and stripes, oh yes please!!

Confession time:  This yarn was purchased with birthday money
in (gulp) 2009. Yes, I'm blushing.
The Details:

Yarn:  Noro Sock Yarn 
(which in my opinion, would make horrible, itchy socks, 
but does make fabulous little shawls)

Verdict:  I love how it turned out.  The Noro yarns have very long color
repeats which lend themselves well to a pattern designed this way.

My knock-off Airquote Mittens.
Mine did *not* cost $65 in materials.
Kate Spade's did.

Cute little quotes!
Instead of intarsia, I using a little thing called
duplicate knitting. Handy little skill that is!
The Details:

I charted and added quotes by duplicate stitching.

Yarn:  Cascade 220 Wool in black and white
(No confession needed, I love to keep Cascade in my stash
always.  It is such a versatile, workhorse of a yarn. 
This yarn was leftover from some felted bags I made last year.)

Verdict:  I made these for a dear friend from college,
and she loves them.  Yay!!  More importantly she is 
using them!! Hope she wears them out at some point, 
so I can make her more.  It is joy to knit for
people who appreciate your work by putting it to use!!

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