Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 Knitting Wrap Up

I did this last year, if you'll remember, and found it so encouraging and inspiring for the new year of knitting.  So I am doing it again.  This is not to brag or any of that stuff, this is for posterity's sake. {grin}

The tally goes:

Pairs of Socks:  10  (approx. 3,500 yards of yarn)

Toys (stuffed):  13  (approx. 5,000 yards of yarn)

Sweaters: 2 adult; 12 child size  (approx. 8,000 yards of yarn)

Scarves, Shawls, or Cowls:  8  (approx. 2,000 yards of yarn)

Hats:  7 (approx. 700 yards of yarn)

Pairs of Mittens:  1  (approx. 150 yards of yarn)

Bags:  3  (approx. 900 yards of yarn)

That is a whopping (approximately) 20, 250 yards of yarn I knit this past year!!  
I'm suddenly feeling very tired.

My favorite project you ask, well, hmmm.

Favorite socks.
Love the stripey goodness on these.

Favorite cowl, this double knit
beauty.  It is completely reversible, and
absolutely lovely.

Favorite new skill, planned pooling shown
in this poncho for Princess #3.
I controlled (as much as I could) how the colors
would stack up by tension, and where I started
knitting from the skein.

This one is still my absolute favorite piece
from 2011!!
The Hitchhiker scarf.
You'll be seeing it again in 2012. {grin}

Thanks again for all of your kind comments and encouragement along the way.
I already have quite the long list of knitting projects 
that I dream about having enough time to do for the coming year.
Happy New Year!!


Chelle said...

I will vouch for the cuddly-osity of the double knit cowl...still LOVE it! :-)

Sarahendipity said...

Um, WOW and stuff. This is an amazing list. You totally should be proud. I am, for you! ☺