Tuesday, November 29, 2011

23 Days

I did it.  
I started and finished a sweater for myself in 23 days!
Out of lace weight yarn.
With long sleeves.
And stripey goodness.
Best of all . . .
It fits.
Like a pair of favorite jeans.
Like it was meant to be.
So glad I paused the holiday rush to knit this for myself.

I really do love this sweater.
I swear.

It fits! I am in sweater love!

The Details:

Pattern:  Versio by fallmasche (Rav link)

Yarn:  Jill Draper's Aurora wool/silk blend yarn
in the Sterling and Blue Agate color ways. 
Happy Birthday to me!
Gorgeous stuff, my photos do not do it justice!

Verdict:  Doing a lace weight sweater for myself, was a bit on 
the crazy side of things.  But I am so glad I used the 
lighter weight yarn because winter at the Castle
aren't really *that* cold. {grin}

P.S.  Christmas knitting--it's on.


Kelli said...

W.O.W. That looks amazing! You have crazy mad skills!!!! Congratulations on finishing your challenge!

Sarahendipity said...

Um, that is BEAUTIFUL!! I love navy and especially something that is stripey. You never cease to amaze me and your ability to knit splendidly. ☺